Fashion's Latest Muse? The Chic Dweeb-ette

Jennifer Lopez epitomized the new nerdy aesthetic in a modern prepster uniform.

Jennifer Lopez in a gray sweater, trouseres, and glasses.
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In recent seasons, micro-aesthetics dominated fashion trends. Bikercore, Barbiecore, Balletcore—you’ve likely heard these quippy labels ad nauseam. But, reader, have you heard of Dweeb Chic? Despite what you may think, It has nothing to do with getting good grades. We’ll give you a real-life example: This week, Jennifer Lopez’s gray outfit was the nerdy trend fully realized. While shopping in Beverly Hills, JLo wore a gray V-neck sweater with matching slate-colored trousers and black square glasses. The outfit could be considered basic, but that’s the point; With hyper aesthetics and quick trends galore, the Dweeb Chic aesthetic values wearable, high-quality clothes—which Lopez's simple yet polished ensemble radiates. It’s preppy and a little bit librarian-like, which comes together to create an outfit that’s confident and casual.

Let’s get into Lopez's gray outfit look: Both her v-neck sweater and tapered trousers are from Brunello Cucinelli, a stealth-wealth brand that A-listers love (both quiet luxury pieces combined probably cost a mortgage on a home.) She styled her sweater over a crisp white button-down and cuffed the hem of her trousers for a casual, on-the-go feel. She wore Alexander Mcqueen sneakers, held a rare crocodile Hermès Birkin, and accessorized with black square glasses by Tom Ford and chunky gold hoop earrings.

Jennifer Lopez wears all-grey in Beverly Hills.

(Image credit: Backgrid)

For background, the Dweeb Chic aesthetic circulated online following Miu Miu's Fall/Winter 2024 show, where models walked in reading glasses with hair undone and dressed in business casual. The trend promotes dressing with easy confidence, which we can appreciate. It also steers clear of hyper-trendy items that will, most likely, feel overdone by the next season. It’s a complete 180 from the microtrends and -cores we mentioned earlier, which is a breath of fresh air. Furthermore, JLo’s luxury items (while ridiculously expensive) embody the importance of quality and wearable clothing. Her preppy look is a sensible way to look put together while simultaneously appearing effortless. 

So, is Lopez a fashion nerd? We can’t say for certain, but, as we've long known, we can confirm the pop star has excellent taste. To get Lopez's all-gray outfit, opt for smoke-colored knitwear and matching trousers—which you can shop below. We’ll also always advocate for adding another knit to our wardrobes, especially a cashmere sweater bound to last. We also found sneakers that look very similar to her Alexander Mcqueen pair for a fraction of the price (thanks, Steve Madden!)

Shop Lopez's look, below.

Shop Jennifer Lopez's Gray Outfit

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