Julianne Moore's Minimalist Winter Outfit Reminds Us That Sometimes Less Is More

Or, rather, Moore.

Julianne Moore minimalist winter outfit
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There's confidence in simplicity. When someone steps out of the house in a pared-back, under-the-radar outfit, it signals to the world that they don't feel the need to rely on gimmicks or of-the-moment fashion trends. Their interests lie in clothing—high-quality, no-pizzazz-needed Good Clothing. Look to some of the low-key dressers in the A-listers club for evidence: Kaia Gerber runs her Sunday errands in a classic trench coat and sleek black sneakers, and even Kylie Jenner knows the beauty of just jeans and a sweater. As of today, we also have Julianne Moore's minimalist winter outfit to add to our database of quietly confident and imitable looks.

While out in New York City, the May December actress opted not to reinvent the sartorial wheel but instead return to fashion's fundamentals. Moore's basic outfit ("basic" is in no way an insult but rather a compliment in this case) consisted of ink black trousers, an essential white T-shirt, and an intriguing double-layered blazer. Her sharply tailored jacket featured a khaki-colored base layer, which peeked out underneath its black exterior and added a slight visual contrast to her otherwise all-dark ensemble. Her top coat was the piece that ultimately tied her entire look together: a black wool maxi coat that added a cozy winter-proof touch.

Lastly, her accessories: Moore slipped on a pair of black woven leather flats and chose dainty gold jewelry—hoop earrings and a ring—for a subtle metallic flash.

Julianne Moore minimalist winter outfit

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Moore's look, with its predominately dark hues, save for a touch of khaki, follows one of our favorite fashion philosophies: strategic minimalism. The concept is to work smarter, not harder, with your styling and call on neutral basics that feature a few choice intriguing details—fabrics, stitching, embellishments, etc. Look to Jennifer Garner's gray sweater and mini skirt outfit, which called on neutral color palettes and textural knits and was undeniably simple but also polished. And due to her smart choice of sweater separates and sooty shades, her look didn't feel boring in the slightest.

Try your hand at the intentionally pared-back aesthetic by calling on wardrobe basics. Think easy, loose-fitting trousers, button-down shirts, or little black dresses—easy-to-style items, most of which you likely already own. Then, pair them with similarly simple items for an all-around, toned-down pairing. But don't forget to add one moment of intrigue, whether that's via a cool color-blocked blazer like Moore's, textures on textures à la Garner, or another exciting sartorial choice.

Shop a few of our favorite minimal essentials, below, to replicate Moore's winter minimalistic outfit.

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