Kendall Jenner Cracked the Quiet Luxury Code in a Suede Trench and Blue Jeans

Jenner makes a case for why the stealth wealth look still holds weight.

Kendall Jenner in sude trench coat and blue jeans in a minimalist quiet luxury outfit
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Quiet luxury may have been overused this year, but the phrase that describes high-quality, high-end clothing still carries weight. Satirized in Succession and brought to the mainstream by Sofia Richie, the aesthetic was seen in several designer collections that highlighted structured coats, utilitarian bags, and sleek basics. In short, quiet luxury is more than just minimalist clothing: it’s an ideology used when shopping and styling clothing that depends on timeless silhouettes and luxurious, wearable materials. Kendall Jenner’s wardrobe is the epitome of the stealth wealth look—after all, she was the first celeb to be spotted in Phoebe Philo’s new eponymous brand. Particularly, Jenner's latest minimal outfit is quite luxury epitomized.

Jenner's look was anchored by a buttery soft tan suede coat, The Row's Poseidone, that’s currently available to purchase in-store and retails for around (gulp) $8,250. Is the price practical? No, but the coat's classy details, like its mid-length hemline and tie-around waist, visually make it stand out from its fast-fashion counterparts. Jenner’s olive-green top and Khaite Danielle blue jeans (a favorite style of Jenner's with a $480 price tag) peeked out underneath the coat. She matched her black sunglasses to her The Row loafers and topped the look off with a cognac-colored tote also by The Row.

All of the tones in her look melt seamlessly together to create one very chic outfit. Even from the paparazzi photo, you can tell items from her outfit are made of good quality materials, regardless of their anti-loud branding.

Kendall Jenner quiet luxury

(Image credit: Backgrid)

Just this week, Jenner's paparazzi campaign with Bottega Veneta was released, furthering her hold on the quiet-luxury marketplace and revealing her most popular looks as imagery for the brand.

Although Jenner's take on quiet luxury is an extreme one, it doesn't mean the minimalist dressing ethos isn't attainable for everyone. Believe it or not, the concept of quiet luxury is a sustainable way to shop. It starts with buying items that you can see withstanding trends and lasting for years to come. You'll want to pass these clothes down to your loved ones for generations—that's how good quiet-luxury pieces are. High-quality pieces can be expensive, so shopping for these items shouldn't be casual, and because of that, it'll reduce your clothing consumption. Also, because you can wear investment items like these again and again, their cost per wear becomes lower than, perhaps, an expensive statement piece you'll wear twice before consigning it away.

If Jenner's latest looks inspire you, building a capsule wardrobe over time is a great way to achieve a similar quiet-luxury aesthetic. Curating a closet of tried-and-true brands alongside favorite statement pieces will ensure your outfits feel luxurious and authentic.

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