2015 Kim Kardashian Looks a Lot Like 2014 Kim Kardashian

Maybe New Kim will make her debut in Paris?
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Just four days ago, Kim Kardashian announced she would have a whole new look for 2015, after redoing her closet with fashion guru-slash-husband Kanye West. Gone would be the bodycon dresses of yore, the all-black ensembles, and the cleavage-baring, low necklines Kim has made her signature. Or so we thought. This new "vision" remained a mystery until Kim emerged this week in three outfits. And, well, 2015 Kim looks a lot like 2014 Kim.

Wednesday, Kardashian arrived in Los Angeles, wrapped in a white Cruella de Vil-esque fur. She wore a leather jacket and ripped skinny jeans— a look we've seen before. But the fur was new, so perhaps it was a teaser…

…Then, yesterday in New York, she went outside with not a hint of boob on display—different, yes! But the rest of her outfit looked pretty much like what we've seen before...See: Paris, May 2014. She wore a black jacket and short pencil skirt with no tights. Note it was an 18-degree high in the city yesterday. Eight.Teen.Degrees.

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NYC Nights! @chrissyteigen @johnlegend

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But her boobs took back the spotlight with her third outfit that night, at John Legend's birthday party. Upstaging other black-dress-wearing cleavage-barer Chrissy Teigen, Kim went for it in a gown not too far from what she wore in December, October, or August 2014.

Aaaaand it seems her Insta-taking habits haven't changed either...she's still trying to edge people out of the frame.

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Happy Birthday @JohnLegend!!!!

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Anyway, maybe the true 2015 Kim will emerge in Paris next month…unless that "whole new look" is actually, well, maternity. In which case, yay!

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