Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner Might Be Starting a Band

And the name is perfect.
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Look out, world, there's a major new band coming your way—at least, in Instagram dreamland. Just a day after Cara Delevingne was unofficially dubbed Kara, the honorary Kardashian, she and bestie/maybe-roommate Kendall Jenner have dropped the news that they plan on going on tour together. Introducing CaKe, the chamber music model duo we didn't know we needed:

"CaKe world tour coming to a tour near you #CaKe," Cara captioned the photo.

We can totally see it—Cara just debuted her rockstar-ready shaved haircut and we're sure Karl Lagerfeld would outfit the pair in Chanel for every onstage appearance. Stranger things have happened, and a collision of fashion, the Kardashians, and Cara Delevingne seems like the perfect storm of crazy-but-true.

One request: Can Hudson Kroenig be their opening act?

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