Start Saving Now: Kate Spade to Launch Home and Fitness Collections

Kate Spade everything.

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Kate Spade Saturday might have bit the dust, but there's still plenty of sparkle-fueled quirky-cute gumption left in the brand, as evidenced by its *new direction.*

According to WWD, the company—not the designer herself, who's busy staging her own comeback—will introduce a home collection and "athleisure fitness" wear, all to be emblazoned with winky faces and cheeky slogans like "eat cake for breakfast." The price ceiling for the workout gear will hover around $80, while sleepwear will retail between $48 and $118. (No word yet on the damage for a splashy rug or roll of acid-green fleur-de-lis wallpaper.) 

Rather exciting, yes? Now you know *exactly* where to go if you're in the market for a clock shaped like a doughnut. 

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