An Exclusive First Look at Ferragamo's To-Die-For New Accessories Collection

All the diamond dust 💎

Salvatore Ferragamo has adorned the wrists, the crooks of the arm, the eyes, and most famously, the feet of Hollywood stars and discerning tastemakers for decades. And for its latest eyewear and timepiece offerings, which we have the honor of premiering exclusively on, the Italian heritage brand is paying homage to its iconic DNA, as well as the Gancio, its signature Florentine symbol. Cast in vibrant hues (fuchsia, grey, burgundy, and orange), as well as a mix of sumptuous materials (the watches have diamond dust on the dials, BTW), the masterfully-crafted accessories are the epitome of glamour. 

The Ferragamo Signature Collection goes on sale in limited edition packaging at Salvatore Ferragamo boutiques from December on, as well as at authorized dealer in January. 

We'll also be on hand tonight at Ferragamo's 100 Years in Hollywood tonight, where they'll be displaying the collection as well as premiering their original short film starring Ethan Peck and Elettra Wiedemann. So follow us on Instagram and Snapchat at @marieclairemag for live snaps.

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