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Shonda Rhimes Wore a *Pasta* Dress and It Was Iconic

Mom's spaghetti but even more legendary.

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Pineapples (and cherries and bananas) might be in fashion's head, but Shonda Rhimes seems to be thinking about an entirely different part of the food pyramid.

At ABC's Scandal 100th episode celebration Saturday, the heavyweight champion of screenwriting twists and turns wore a Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2017 shift dress printed with...is that angel hair? Linguini? (Those bundles are definitely not, as this writer first mistook them for, bushels of wheat, because they're missing the crucial frilly head bit. I would know—I looked up photos of wheat just to make sure.)


Yes, that is certainly some sort of coagulated flour-and-water product, tied with "Made in Italy" ribbons into serving sizes for "two," according to the box, or "one," according to everybody else.


If you're interested in making your own pro-carb, anti-gluten-free statement—or you just want to illustrate to your class this point in the life cycle of a spaghetti alla bottarga, à la Miss Frizzle—this guy's going for nearly $3,000 online. Low stock, though, so get a move—a watched pot might not boil, but an *unwatched* shopping cart empties out real fast.

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