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Your home is your personal canvas. Paint it with bold brush strokes at Burke Décor, an e-shop specializing in contemporary home design straight out of the pages of Domino magazine. From floor to ceiling and everything in between, the site has us coming back again and again to craft our wish lists and stock up on no-brainer accents and accessories. Fresh wallpaper designs by Graham & Brown and Linda Barker abound, from florals to geometrics to damasks, and you'll find a plethora of peppy pillows from KoKo Company and Thomas Paul, as well as other decorative goodies like modern clocks and trays by iBride.

Need to narrow in on a look or gather gift ideas? Shop within boutiques with pre-selected items boasting themes like "Pimp My Dorm," "Hollywood Regency" and "Red Heaven."

To save 20% on all orders over $150 at Burke Décor enter code "ADORE" at checkout.

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