One Bag, Four Ways

[image id='7d24fc0c-0f26-48ae-96ff-50bc9c7c2b5b' mediaId='e4e38a86-fb1b-418a-aafd-30f7e6319d36' loc='C'][/image]Donna Karan's Eldridge Bag is getting some face time! Recently spotted on the arms of Blake Lively and Lindsay Lohan, this bag has the ability to reflect a variety of personalities, looks and moods.

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In fact, it can be worn four different ways: as a cross-body messenger, an open tote, a buttoned-up bucket, or a buttoned-down pouchette (see below).

The Eldridge is for "the bohemian who wants her polish"

—Donna Karan

$1495, go to for more information.


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