Big Girl in a Skinny World: Where to Buy Supportive Bras

Hello Ladies,

In the March issue of Marie Claire, I tackled bras—specifically the importance of finding the right fit and size. I ended the column asking you to share your favorite bra brands for big girls. And share you did! Many of you had excellent suggestions: Jennifer Ibberson of Houston suggested brands like Bali and Freya. Kari Schilling's solution to a bra dilemma: "I have found a company called Bravissimo. They are a British based website I go to for supportive bras in my proper size that are actually sexy." Love it, Kari. Thanks for passing that tip along.

While I know many of you don't live in New York, if you ever make it here, your itinerary should read: Empire State Building, Times Square, and La Petite Coquette. Never heard of it, eh? It's an intimates boutique in the heart of Greenwich Village where you can find just about any undergarment you're looking for. I visited the store while doing research for my column and found the staff of fitters there incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. The coolest part: the walls are adorned with all of Hollywood's most famous starlets who have all been fitted by this lingerie powerhouse. If you can't make it to the Big Apple, check out their website,

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