Big Girl in a Skinny World: Fashion Week's Essential Accessories

The key to surviving New York Fashion Week in complete chic? The right accessories.

ashley falcon
(Image credit: Greg Kessler)

It's that time of the year again—New York Fashion Week! It's not just my suitcase that I'm cramming with fashion goodies. I'm also paying close attention to my purse, which will be my most crucial weapon in my arsenal in the coming days. It will be jam-packed with all my quintessential work and personal items. Although I've been known to stuff everything short of the kitchen sink in my bag, Fashion Week requires a specific and calculated effort.

Of course, my Fashion Week survival guide consists of basic handbag fillers like water for hydration, lipstick or lip gloss for reapplication and credit cards and cash for transportation. But a day in Fashion Week is unlike any other. You have to be out the door by 7 am—8 am the absolute latest—and run around the city, from show to show, presentation to presentation, then afterparty to afterparty, till about 2am. Then there are the unexpected, unscheduled events—when a ticket to a really special show or event just fall into your lap. You need to be ready to move. The best way to keep chic and prepared for anything is to have a great wear-with-all scarf like a Deena & Ozzy Textured Eternity Scarf or the BDG Abstract Geo Oblong Scarf, both available at Urban Outfitters. Another must have: is the oh-so-necessary pair of sunglasses. I got my favorite, a pair of YSL Retro Inspired Sunglasses in Chocolate Brown, for Christmas.

Technology is mission critical over Fashion Week. I MUST have my iPhone at all times. It is my one connection to everything: my schedule, my contacts, directions, and anything else I may need. This year I'm also sporting my 8GB FlipCam, to capture all the hustle and bustle at the tents. Whether I'm filming the looks at a show, or an amazingly outfitted model off duty, it is my means to record fashion as it happens. Wish me luck and check back for more fashion week updates. Do you have a handbag you can't live with out? I've got to know about it! Let me know—I'm always open to a fresh perspective.



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