Watch John Galliano's Full 53-Minute Charlie Rose Interview

First we learn that John Galliano is to teach a master class at Parsons, then this week, the shamed Dior designer appeared in a candid interview with Charlie Rose. On Wednesday, a very normal-looking, clean-shaven Galliano sat down with Rose to discuss his battle with addiction and, conversely, gradual return to sobriety.

"In the early days, I was incredibly creative and productive... I didn't need alcohol and the pills for that," Galliano said. What changed was I was afraid to say no — that little word, "no" — because I thought it showed weakness. And with more-and-more success, I would just keep saying yes and taking more work on which took its toll."

Could this mean the return of the once-heralded creative mastermind? Watch the full interview at

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