WATCH: Rescue Dogs Take to the Runway for Ralph Lauren

Watch Ralph Lauren's short film showcasing the brand's Fall 2013 Accessories and support for the ASPCA.

Ralph Lauren's short film "The Dog Walk" premiered Tuesday, showcasing the brand's collaboration with the ASPCA. In an effort to raise awareness for animal welfare and Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month, the video stars ASPCA rescue dogs along with the best of Ralph Lauren's Fall 2013 accessories collection.

The luxury accessories—ranging from the classic Ricky handbag to adorable pup sweaters—pop in all their radiance and color against the black-and-white cityscape settings.

Beginning on October 15, Ralph Lauren will donate 10 percent of its sales from select items featured in "The Dog Walk" to the ASPCA for one month.

Show your support by taking to your Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #RLDogWalk.