Surviving Fashion Week: Hillary Kerr & Katherine Power of WhoWhatWear

We asked our favorite fashion friends how they make it through NYFW.

New York Fashion Week is fast approaching (AH!!!), so we figured we would chat with some of our favorite fash friends to see how they survive the hectic week.

First up the lovely and chic Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr of WhoWhatWear. The ladies fly in from their home base in Los Angeles and we're always so happy to see them...and what they're wearing, bien sur. They are definitely no strangers to being busy: they just redesigned their already chic site, are often touring the country promoting their latest book What to Wear, Where: The How-To Handbook for Any Style Situation and finding great style finds for all of us to discover daily. Here are some helpful hints from Katherine and Hillary about getting through NYFW looking fab.

What's the one thing you can't live without during NYFW?

KP: My Blackberry. We never have a moment to catch up on work at the hotel, so I do all my emailing while we're sitting in our seats waiting for a show to start.

HK: Agreed on the Blackberry: it's an absolutely necessity. Aside from that, I will also say The Daily is a necessity—it's one of my favorite parts of NYFW—and my Biologique Recherche Masque VIP O2. (It makes me look fresh and dewy even when I'm sleep deprived and haggard!)

Favorite Fashion Week snack?

KP: Any kind of gluten-free protein bar. I've yet to find a restaurant or snack bar that will entertain my gluten-free needs so I have to come prepared with my own snacks! I also love almonds but I know Hillary will be putting that as her answer ;)

HK: Katherine's right, I love raw almonds and carry them in my bag during NYFW/at all times! I also have been known to sneak off to 'wichcraft for a butternut squash/mozzarella sandwich from time to time…

Go-to stress reliever?

KP: A night in with a hotel movie, and oxygen mask and some Café Habana take out. For the most part we start our shows and appointments at 9am and don't finish until 9pm at which point we usually have some sort of dinner, it can really wear a girl out 7 nights in a row!

HK: Dinner with my favorite editor pals: Leigh Belz, Danielle Nussbaum, Susan Cernek, Eva Chen, and Jenny Feldman. We were all assistants together at ELLE back in the day and have stayed close over the years. Getting to sit down with them at a fabulous restaurant and have thoughtful, smart, candid conversation is always the high point of my week.

How do you treat yourself when it's all over?

KP: I have an all-girls trip to Mexico to look forward to the weekend after we get back from NY, I did the same thing last year :)

HK: I allow myself to hibernate after I get home—no parties, no big dinners—and if I'm feeling particularly in need, I will get a massage at Ona in West Hollywood.

How many hours of sleep a night do you get during Fashion Week?

KP: Not nearly enough. I try for at LEAST 6.5/7, but I'm really used to 8 or 9.

HK: Some nights it's a (more) normal 6 or 7 hours, other nights it's more like 4 or 5. It all depends on our coverage and schedule.

What's your Fashion Week street style?

KP: It really depends on the season but it always involves a Simone leather jacket or two. This year I'm taking white snakeskin. I'm also predicting a few flowy maxi skirts and some Equipment blouses.

HK: I always pack a billion belts and usually wear a fair amount of vintage. Vintage is key for me during NYFW: there's something very nice about knowing that you're not going to see your dress on every other editor!