"Braditude" Adjustment: Talking Pretty Clothes & Pet Rescue with Brad Goreski

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Over the course of New York Fashion Week, you get accustomed to seeing some pretty wacky getups at the tents, from glittering fascinators to three-piece paisley suits. But in the midst of all the fashion flotsam and jetsam, there are some show-goers who never cease to impress with their perfectly polished ensembles. Exhibit A: Los Angeleno Brad Goreski, best known for his turn as the unfailingly optimistic and incredibly dapper styling associate on Bravo's The Rachel Zoe Project. Taking my seat at yesterday's Lela Rose show, I immediately spied Goreski's signature specs and bow tie in the front row, and caught up with the man himself later on to see what he thought of Lela's beautifully feminine frocks. Read on for Brad's take on feminine dressing, celeb style, and his getting a little help from man's best friend.

It's nice to get a boy's take on fashion from time to time! As a guy working in the fashion industry, what do you like to see women wear?

I feel like I reflect that in the women I work with. I'm really into color right now, and have been trying to get the women that I work with to wear more color on the red carpet. For a few years there things were really dark, but now fashion's gotten brighter, which I think is really fantastic. Lela's clothes work really well, because they're really well-constructed. They have a great, defined waist, they have a little bit of drama but are still pretty and approachable—and the fit's always impeccable. I have a lot of luck with her clothes! But my motto is always to just be bold and be brave. Walk out of the house the way you feel you want to look that day—it doesn't mean you have to stick to that style for the rest of your life. I mean, today I'm Dapper Dan, all buttoned-up, but last night I went out in leather, jeans, and high-tops!

Let's talk celebrities. Who do you envision wearing Lela's spring collection?

I could see Jessica Alba wearing a lot of it, and Demi Moore. Abigail Spencer would be great in it, too! I think it's a really approachable collection—it's very red-carpet-friendly, but the day looks have a lot of personality to them, so they definitely don't get lost. That bustier with the polka-dot ball skirt was my absolute favorite—so good.

Mine too! So, what other shows are you catching while you're in town?

I'm going to Derek Lam right after this, and Tommy Hilfiger tonight. Then DKNY, which I'm been loving recently, is tomorrow. I'm all over the place!

What can you tell us about your upcoming Bravo series, It's a Brad Brad World?

It's a fashion adventure! It just follows me around in the time since I left my other job. It shows all the ups and downs of starting your own business—sometimes it's really great, and sometimes it's not so great [laughs]. But it's been a really fantastic experience. People have been so willing to participate—my boyfriend's on it, and my family too.

Will your dog Jasper be making a cameo? He got some face time during The Rachel Zoe Project, I remember!

Aw, you're so sweet to ask about Jasper! Unfortunately he's not doing so well right now—poor thing. But we have a new one on the scene, Penelope. You'll get to meet her for sure. She's two years old and crazy—blonde and crazy! She's a mutt, we rescued her...and now we've become completely obsessed with rescuing dogs. I'm going to be like a crazy cat lady, except a dog boy! I think we want a Chihuahua next, because there are just so many that need homes.

That'd be the perfect addition to the family! We can't wait to check out the show, Brad. Thanks!

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