Our Favorite Twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Are Collaborting with Bik Bok

As if the Olsens did already have enough on their hands (and in their closets), the duo has launched a new collaboration with trendy Norwegian retailer Bik Bok.

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Between The Row, Elizabeth and James and Olsenboye, you would think Mary-Kate and Ashley already have enough on their hands (and in their closets). Apparently not! The twins launched their latest fashion line — a collaboration with affordably chic Norwegian shop Bik Bok — in Oslo yesterday. The duo, clearly keeping busy, designed three collections for Fall 2013 all which heavily reflect their own personal style. Think structural jackets, "leather" leggings, airy blouses and structured bags — obviously all in black, their signature shade. And while the three collections are now online, they're sadly only available to shop in Norway and Sweden, which is double-sad if you consider the super-low price points (starting at 9.95 euros, or around $14). Drool over the goods, below!

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