Scott Lipps on His Blog-Turned-Book POPLIPPS: Plus One

Scott Lipps, founder and CEO of One Management, is releasing POPLIPPS: Plus One the book version of his popular Tumblr POPPLIPS. The book features photos of Scott Lipps glamorous life and all the celebrities he gets to hang out with as CEO of a model

Have you ever imagined what it's like to attend a swanky fashion party as a VIP? Now you get a chance—well, sort of. Scott Lipps, founder and CEO of One Management, is releasing POPLIPPS: Plus One, the book version of his popular Tumblr POPPLIPS, next month. The tome features intimate photos of Lipps' life as the CEO of a top modeling agency and the friends he rolls with, many of whom are names you'll certainly recognize.

Lipps' images make readers feel as if they were right there with him as his "plus one." Actually, it's more like a plus 200,000, as that's how many Tumblr followers he has living vicariously through his daily posts. The book is 224 pages that celebrate photography, celebrity life, and fashion, and each page is graced with beautiful (and familiar) faces like Steven Tyler, Alexander Wang, and Seletia Ebanks. His dear friend and bandmate Courtney Love even wrote the introduction.

"The book was a labor of love and features the behind the scenes of the fashion business, amazing models, supermodels, celebs, and musicians from the perspective of running a agency," Lipps said. "Also a bit from behind the drums with Courtney Love. It's a great insight into this world."

POPPLIPPS: Plus One will be available this October, with preordering available now on Amazon (opens in new tab).

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