10 Adult Friendship Bracelets for You and Your Joe Biden


The White House

If we were to do a Best of 2016 (don't let my boss see this), President Obama and Joe Biden's raging bromance would 10/10 make the cut. And if we were to do "The Best of President Obama and Joe Biden's Raging Bromance," their meaningful friendship bracelets hand-braided from Costco pie and the power of the people would also certainly belong. Here, 10 styles to give to your day-ones.

Ryan Porter

Customizable, so you could get an inside joke or a pet name or something unmentionable like I did.

$58, shopryanporter.com.

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Aurélie Bidermann

It's *French,* plus the last time you macramé-ed was in sixth grade but all you made was a big granny knot.

$145, net-a-porter.com.

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Tory Burch

As extra as you both are.

$95, toryburch.com.

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Nouvel Heritage

Also extra but in a $$$ way. BUT she's been super duper good to you, and you can get your initials with a plus sign in between.

$740, nouvelheritage.com.

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Monica Vinader

Like what the Real Housewives would give one another if they were actually ever cordial.

$585, net-a-porter.com.

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How funny/freaky is this: You mail them a photo of your BFF, they engrave her face onto a charm. LOL.

$80, eachjewels.com.

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Kate Spade

Comes in threes, which is all the better for dispensing to the squad.

$98, katespade.com.

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All the Wire

Kind of oozy, but you'd both wear these ironically. ;)

$85, allthewire.com.

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Because she's your home. (And they don't make garbage cans, which would be more appropriate. <3)

$180, shop.aliita.com.

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Alison Lou

One of you can wear these emoji as-is. The other can wear them to show the colorful enameled backs. (Have a gladiator fight to decide.)

$960, alisonlou.com.

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