8 of the Most Scandalous Feuds the Fashion Industry Has Ever Witnessed

Grab your popcorn.

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With Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon set to duke it out on the small screen and 2017 being generally very dramatic, embroiling yourself in a festering disagreement and being petty until both parties are too old to remember why they hate each other in the first place has become The Thing to Do. But if you're down to beef on a grander scale than subtweeting, look no further than the following eight fashion feuds for inspiration. (But being kind could be cool too.)

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1 Yves Saint Laurent v. Tom Ford

The way Ford tells it, the two started out friendly after the future Nocturnal Animals director took the reins of YSL in 1999. However, things iced over when Ford began to "deviate" from what his predecessor felt was appropriate for the brand. "I do have some letters in his hand," Ford said in an interview with CNBC. "I remember one line was 'in 13 minutes you've destroyed 40 years of my work' or 'my life's work' or something like that." Savage.

2 PETA v. Anyone Who Uses Fur

Aside from leaving angry comments on any Instagrams that depict the skins of chinchillas and other critters, the animal rights group has famously protested shows, flour-bombed Anna Wintour and Kim Kardashian, and rushed the stage like the dude pictured here at Randolph Duke in 2000. Oh, and never forget that one time they served Wintour a raccoon at the Four Seasons. (They really have it out for her, if you haven't noticed.) 

3 Coco Chanel v. Elsa Schiaparelli

Chanel might have more name recognition now, but back in the day, the two designers were fearsome rivals on the Paris fashion scene. Some said Schiap was the bolder and more innovative of the two, which might have had something to do with Chanel setting her on fire. (By "accidentally" bumping her into a candelabra at a party; other guests extinguished her dress with soda water.) No matter who was the greater talent, though, both contributed volumes to the art of shade, with Chanel calling Schiap "that Italian artist who makes clothes."

4 Halston v. Charles James

It's a tale as old as time: young person works for older person; the Old writes a story in a magazine accusing the Young of plagiarism. The accusations didn't end in print though—verbally, James would call Halston "that thief, that copycat." But the notoriously difficult designer didn't like Diana Vreeland, either, so at least he had great taste. 

5 Tory Burch v. Chris Burch

In another tale that's also pretty enduring, a husband and wife start a brand together that achieves success. They divorce. The husband launches a different brand that is sort of similar to the first. A nasty legal battle ensues, and the two ultimately settle, but it's still rather awk. 

6 Karl Lagerfeld v. Yves Saint Laurent

Since they competed for a design prize as teens (a win for Yves), the two legends have battled it out in business *and* love (they both chased after Jacques de Bascher). Sometimes Saint Laurent would come out on top, sometimes Lagerfeld. Whatever reason for the frenemy-ism, it did last for five decades, which is longer than most relationships. 

7 Urban Outfitters v. Indie Designers

Raising some important questions about copyright infringement, the retailer has been caught up in a few instances where smaller designers have found similarities between their wares and those being sold to trendy youths. In 2011, Etsy seller Stevie Koerner slammed UO on Tumblr for lifting her state-outline necklaces, while in 2014, artist James Soares pointed fingers regarding his geometric pattern

8 Tyra Banks v. Naomi Campbell

This was before people realized it's uncool to pit women against one another and that the proverbial town is definitely big enough for more than one black model, so it might be mostly fiction. But the rumors suggest Campbell would say nasty things to the younger model and have her fired from jobs, which she denied when she appeared on Banks' talk show in the early 2000s. All seems well now, though, with Banks saying she "got a lot of answers and it has started my healing from all of the devastating rumors and gossip and rivalry and pain that I've experienced. I've started to heal and I think Naomi has, too."

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