15 Photos That Just Might Persuade You to Swap Out Your Coat for a Cloak

So much better for running through an enchanted forest.


Kissing several swamps' worth of frogs and evading evil stepmothers are both activities that would be just okay in a coat, but extra theatrical in a full-length velvet cloak (hood preferred). In fact, real life as a whole would be a lot more interesting in one, as you can imagine viewing the 15 photos ahead.


What a lovely look for a white wedding.

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Ulyana Sergenko

Big ups to the designer for pairing a couture cape with jeans.

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In a now-iconic print.

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Isabelle Hummel

Of course it's vintage.

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Zuhair Murad

Like J.Lo gone to Coachella.

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Straight out of a Jacques-Louis David.

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Love the sheerness of this one (and Sasha Pivovarova's stare). 

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Ralph & Russo

::buys all the pompoms at the craft store and a glue gun::

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Elie Saab

It counts if it's attached to your dress.

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Leila Yavari

Good luck avoiding puddles.

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Ulyana Sergenko

Best for those who can have a red carpet or men's jackets laid on the ground wherever they go.

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Alberta Ferretti

::heavy breathing::

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Alberta Ferretti

::such heavy breathing someone offers me their inhaler even though I am not asthmatic:: 

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Chiara Ferragni

The front view of the opening image.

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Little Red Riding Hood!!!

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