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10 One-Shoulder Tops and Dresses Because That's All You'll Want to Wear Come Spring

You've been dry-brushing, haven't you?

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Do you have two arms, one of which is slightly more jacked than the other from carrying a huge bag? Do you like feeling the sunshine infusing your winter-weakened cells with vitamin D? If yes, then you'll be into the following 10 one-shoulder tops and dresses.


Really nice with a wrap skirt and hoops so big you could put your hand through them.

$80, aritzia.com.

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As striking as a Matisse cutout. 

$110, net-a-porter.com.

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Front Row Shop

Life's fantastic with elastic you can use to scrunch the hem and push the single sleeve up or down. 

$37, frontrowshop.com.

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With a bandeau in the summer and a turtleneck the rest of the year.

$695, tibi.com.

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Fine for the workplace, Y/N? (You know we're always Y.) 

$50, hm.com.

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Viva Aviva

Pro tip: Hire a friend to follow you around with a fan for maximum flutter-age. 

$295, modaoperandi.com.

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The same silhouette as an oversize-shirt DIY but without the struggle. 

$60, shop.mango.com.

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BRB, crashing any and all weddings and bat mitzvahs to get as much wear out of this as possible.

$345, net-a-porter.com.

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Eyelets are great for ventilation, didn't you know? 

$120, topshop.com.

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The answer when your friends are like, "I'm wearing jeans and a nice top."

$36, zara.com.

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