A Field Guide to French First Lady Style

How to tell your Carlas from your Brigittes.

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On Monday, Brigitte Trogneaux wore pow(d)er blue Louis Vuitton to see her husband sworn in as president of France. It was a chic choice, but as with all politically adjacent fashion, not everybody was happy (with the length of her skirt—maybe the critics could learn something from Amal Clooney). Here, an introduction to Trogneaux's and her predecessors' style.

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Danielle Mitterrand

The president: François Mitterrand

The style: It was the '80s, and she certainly wasn't afraid of color—or embellishment. 

Fun fact: Even as First Lady, she spoke out against human rights violations in China and Morocco. 

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Danielle Mitterrand

During an election in 1993

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Danielle Mitterrand

At a gala in 1993

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Bernadette Chirac

The president: Jacques Chirac

The style: Lots of skirt suits! Some of which were pink, which was very prescient of her.

Fun fact: She comes from an old aristocratic family. 

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Bernadette Chirac

In 2006 at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Charles De Gaulle Memorial 

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Bernadette Chirac

In 2007 during a speech given by her husband

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Carla Bruni

The president: Nicolas Sarkozy

The style: Molto fashUN, with loads of designer duds. (It might've helped that in a former life, she was one of the world's highest-paid models, walking for houses like Chanel.)

Fun fact: She's got a successful singing career—listen to Quelqu'un m'a dit.

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Carla Bruni

In 2008 to meet Prime Minister Gordon Brown

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Carla Bruni

In 2008 at a conference in New York City

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Valérie Trierweller

The president: François Hollande

The style: Professional Woman, even while off-duty, with a touch of quiet glam. If it ain't broke...

Fun fact: She stayed on as a journalist with Paris Match magazine—even while her (now-former) partner was president of France.

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Valérie Trierweller

In 2013 attending a Chanel show

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Valérie Trierweller

In 2013 during a state visit from the German president

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Brigitte Trogneaux

The president: Emmanuel Macron

The style: Skinny, military-ish silhouettes from the likes of Louis Vuitton. 

Fun fact: Karl Lagerfeld is a fan.

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Brigitte Trogneaux

At an exhibition in 2016

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Brigitte Trogneaux

Arriving at a funeral in 2016

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