Hey, Where'd You Get That?

Name: Anna Maltby

M.O.: Editorial assistant

Why she chose this outfit: "I just got back from a week-long trip to Paris yesterday, so what I was thinking was, "How bad would it be if I wore sweatpants to work today?" I decided against it. Plus, this blazer is actually on our December Splurge v. Steal page, so I knew it was Marie Claire fashion department approved! Which is good for me, because I am the lone frumpy features staffer sitting in a sea of terribly fashionable ladies on the closet side of the office. And I honestly picked the green pants (which could probably also be called "jeggings") because my black dress pants are in need of dry cleaning."

Her look: Sale-rack chic

Standout item: Pink tuxedo jacket

Where to get it: Jacket, $49.95, H&M; T-shirt, $5, random NYC discount store; Pants, $15ish, H&M; Shoes, Seychelles, $128 (on sale for $49.99!); Vintage watch, $25, Brooklyn Flea; Ring, family heirloom.

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