Winter's 2022-2023 Color Trends Are for Statement Dressers

Color palettes turn kaleidoscopic in the coming season.

winter 2022-2023 color trends at Proenza Schouler, Jonathan Simkhai, & AZ Factory
(Image credit: Proenza Schouler, Jonathan Simkhai, Lanvin, & AZ Factory)

Let's run a quick experiment, shall we? How does electric fuchsia make you feel? What about an "ugly" chartreuse? Love them, hate them, winter 2022-2023's color trends want to make you feel something, anything—whether that be a surge in adrenaline, confidence, or even disdain (admittedly, chartreuse isn't everyone's cup of tea). Even the more uncontroversial colors trending for the winter season—think crisp khakis and a red the color of a too-sweet cherry lollipop—are done in dramatic and daring silhouettes to yield a more stimulating effect. (You thought beige was dull? Wait until you've seen what a few luxury fashion brands have done with the sandy shade.) 

Like all of the leading styles from the Resort 2023 season—including winter's front-running shoes and It-bags—the leading hues of the season are purposefully engineered to incite a reaction. Keep on scrolling to explore the shades in store for winter, and get a head start by shopping out the soon-to-be-everywhere colors now.

Chartreuse Craze

winter 2022-2023 chartreuse color trend at Jonathan Simkhai, Fendi, & Stella McCartney

(Image credit: Jonathan Simkhai, Fendi, & Stella McCartney)

A vibrant chartreuse, which was surprisingly prevalent in Resort 2023 collections, especially from the likes of Fendi, Jonathan Simkhai, and Stella McCartney, is not for the faint of heart. The yellow-green color is striking, eye-catching, and, at times, bordering on garish—making it the ideal shade for those who set out to make a hard-to-miss statement with their style this winter. Maximalist dressers, this one's for you.

Cherry Red

red winter 2022 2023 color trend at Valentino, Givenchy, & Lanvin

(Image credit: Valentino, Givenchy, & Lanvin)

Designers dabbled with the confidence-inducing effects of a bright cherry red in their winter drops via '60s mod-inspired mini dresses, satin clutches, and opulent knit gowns. More saturated than a deep maroon, merlot, or ruby, expect the bold, ripened shade to be ubiquitous in the coming weeks.

Orange You Glad?

orange winter 2022-2023 color trend at Proenza Schouler, Versace, & Erdem

(Image credit: Proenza Schouler, Versace, & Erdem)

In response to recent years' tumult, the fashion industry coped with a phenomenon known as dopamine dressing, with the trend's foremost style code being highly-saturated colors that inspire joy. And according to the Resort 2023 capsules from Proenza Schouler, Versace, and Erdem, the mood-boosting movement prevails for winter and manifests in a vibrant orange. Test out the optimistic shade this season with a bright turtleneck sweater or office-ready shirt dress. Or, for more of a statement, opt for a furry handbag that resembles a certain tree-hugging Dr. Seuss character.

Attack-i of the Khaki

khaki winter 2022 2023 color trend at 3.1 Phillip Lim, Ulla Johnson, & Dior

(Image credit: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Ulla Johnson, & Dior)

In the Resort 2023 season, brands set out to prove that the color khaki is actually not boring thankyouverymuch. It's classic; it's timeless; it's reliably neutral. In fact, with 3.1 Phillip Lim's embellished beige sets, Ulla Johnson's voluminous gowns layered over trousers, and Dior's crisp outerwear, designers demonstrate that khaki is quite cool. Snag a sleek trench coat, utilitarian shacket, or a cropped and pleated mini skirt that resembles a certain It piece (you know the one) to test drive the brownish-yellow this season.

Fuchsia Phenomenon

pink color trend for winter 2022 2023 at Christopher John Rogers, Victoria Beckham, & AZ Factory

(Image credit: Christopher John Rogers, Victoria Beckham, & AZ Factory)

More electrically charged than its Mattel-fueled Barbiecore sister, but in a similar all-consuming pink vein, a fuchsia trend emerges for winter 2022-2023. Unsurprisingly, Christopher John Rogers led the charge (the American designer is known for his kaleidoscopic color palette) with a handful of monochromatic looks all in the pink-purple shade. Victoria Beckham and AZ Factory, with the duo behind Paris-based Ester Manas sitting at the helm, also expressed an interest in the striking shade through ruched, cut-out dresses.

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