Zoë Kravitz Wore a Lone Red Sock to Taylor Swift’s Birthday Party

While other guests wore bejeweled dresses and "Reputation" leather, Kravitz wore Blair Waldorf-esque hosiery.

Zoë Kravitz's Outfit to Taylor Swift's Birthday Party included blue jeans, a navy jacket, red socks, and loafers
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The what of what makes an "It" girl an "It" girl is hard to pinpoint. Is it their ability to master fashion trends? Their nepo-baby status (well, we know that certainly doesn't hurt.) The most legitimate answer, in my opinion, is individuality. When everyone follows the same sartorial theme, someone with a bonafide "It" factor will wear whatever they want, like a very chic black sheep. Someone who marches to their own fashion drum—that's where the "It"-ness comes into play that sets them apart from the rest. Zoë Kravitz's outfit for Taylor Swift's birthday party is a quintessential example of personal style prevailing above all else. While all other attendees opted for their best bejeweled dresses and "Reputation"-era leathers, Kravitz wore a crewneck sweater and simple navy trousers.

For those who somehow missed National Taylor Swift Day, yesterday was the pop star and business mogul's 34th birthday—and it was an epic, spare-no-expense blowout (boyfriend Travis Kelce said "money [was] no object" when planning Swift's birthday party). The woman of the hour wore a beaded and bedazzled mini-dress by Clio Peppiatt that featured a galactic print of moons and stars. Swift's blonde bestie, Blake Lively, wore a grunge leather midi dress with a thigh-level slit and statement, punk rock-esque Christian Louboutin stiletto boots.

Then there was Kravtiz, who wore dark blue trousers, a sleek and simple crewneck sweater, and The Row's wool-cashmere Atis Coat. Her accessories were also by the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen-helmed label: a slouchy hobo handbag and heeled loafers by The Row. Did her outfit scream, "Let's celebrate"? No. But it did scream Kravtiz.

Zoë Kravitz's Outfit to Taylor Swift's Birthday Party included blue jeans, a navy jacket, red socks, and loafers

(Image credit: Backgrid)

The outfit was true to form for the reigning queen of cool, minimalist style. It was unapologetically simplistic in terms of the silhouettes and color palettes Kravtiz chose. But the detail that I can't stop thinking about wasn't her everyday cashmere sweater or winter coat that boasts a price tag just south of $5,000 (gulp). It was her lone red sock peeking out from atop her loafers. I assume she's wearing both pairs (although you never know—Swift's shebang did look like quite the party!), but the single left one on display is currently taking up real estate in my brain.

Not only is her cherry-colored sock a playful and unexpected pop, which tracks considering Kravtiz has mastered the Wrong Shoe Theory, but it taps perfectly into the red color trend that dominated 2023. Furthermore, ruby red hosiery emerged as a sleeper trend throughout the year, à la Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl fame, and it's always a solid sign when a genuine "It" girl of Kravitz's caliber offers an endorsement.

The key takeaway here? Ultimately, party dressing is up to the interpretation of the invitee. And for Kravitz, the best way to celebrate her good friend Swift was by showing up in her signature laid-back yet slightly quirky style.

Emma Childs
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