Blog Crush: Cupcakes Take the Cake

This week's Blog Crush just might be our most delicious one yet. Cupcake fans Rachel Kramer Bussel, Nichelle Stephens, and Stacie Joy have a simple and sweet message...Cupcakes Take the Cake.

And they certainly do on their blog, where it's all cupcakes, all the time. You're probably wondering how much there could be to say about cupcakes. Perhaps you haven't given more than passing thought to cupcakes in your entire life. We understand--we were you. Until we found this blog, which is now responsible for many dollars spent on cupcakes, Red Velvet dreams of frosting and sugary goodness, and countless pounds that will remain on our midsections until the end of time.

Cupcakes Take the Cake does more than give you pictures to drool over--they're also your very own cupcake matchmaking service, listing hundreds of their favorite bakeries in cities worldwide (included sites where you can order cupcakes online after you've eaten too many to leave the couch for more), and even holding cupcake meetups (for the record, my cubicle is always available--all are welcome, no cupcakes turned away!) You'll also find interviews with cupcake makers and the people who love them, and yummy cupcake recipes, like this one from Amy Sedaris:

Visit Cupcakes Take the Cake and drop them a line on Twitter!

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