Ladies' Night Officially Not Sexist, Says Court

Luis Alvarez

The self-aggrandizing "anti-feminist lawyer" who took a number of New York City bars to court over the offensive nature of "Ladies' Night" earned himself a reality check today when the Second Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the nature of his claims.

Roy Den Hollander — who, we have learned, holds an actual law degree — previously argued that "Ladies' Night" was sexist against men.

"The guys are paying for girls to party. I don't think that's fair," Den Hollander said. "It's a transfer of money from the wallets of guys to the pocketbooks of girls."

Not only that, but Hollander protested the discounted drink special, citing it as a violation of the U.S. Constitution. If packing women into bars to get them good and loaded isn't American, we don't know what is!

All right boys, line up. It's 5 p.m. (or close enough to it), and Mama's thirsty!

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