Drink of the Week: Key Lime and Coconut Caipirinha

We've reached the part of the year in which we're only coping with this lack of sunshine by yearning for anything even slightly vacation-oriented. While NYC unfortunately remains frigid and windy, we constantly find ourselves Googling warm weather destinations and online shopping for sandals, tanks, and breezy mini-dresses. Thus, enter the Key Lime and Coconut Caipirinha cocktail. Combining beachy tastes like sweet coconut and tangy lime, this beverage enables us to keep imagining ourselves pool-side in 80-degree weather beneath a stylish cabana. And lucky for us, this drink is impossibly easy to make with only a few steps and ingredients.

Key Lime and Coconut Caipirinha

2 oz. Cabana Cachaça

1 tbsp. shredded coconut

1 tbsp. granulated sugar

1 lime, quartered

Crushed ice

Muddle lime with coconut and sugar. Add Cabana Cachaça, shake, and pour over ice.

Head to our Pinterest board "Drink Up" for more easy, chic, and delicious cocktail recipes.

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