BBQ Survival Tips

Check out our three healthy options for your Fourth of July barbecue.

Nothing tempts more than an open grill, but barbecue calories can add up. We quizzed Becky Hand, registered dietitian and coauthor of The Spark Solution, on how she survives the 4th of July spread.

For Starters?

"Chances are, there will be watermelon or corn on the cob—it's good to go for fresh produce first to fill up. Plus, they're in season and delicious!"

Burger or Hot Dog?

"Burger. it may have about 215 calories— compared with 140 in a hot dog—but it has 22 grams of protein versus 5, so it keeps you full longer. There's also less sodium and fewer additives."

Potato Salad or Coleslaw?

"Slaw. it could still be high in fat if it's made with mayo, but the carrots and cabbage offer fiber and vitamins A and C. Limit yourself to a half-cup."

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