Does anyone really get lost on their bike? Should you be really riding a bike if you have a poor sense of direction? Guess I've always been anti-GPS. Declined the option in my vehicle and refuse to use it on my bike. Getting lost is half the fun! I understand a bike computer can ensure you're still breathing and how hard but getting lost and discovering something new is a wonderful excursion. And yes, even if you're training. OK, all those roadies training for the Tour and the triathletes headed to Beijing you are exempt.

Putting my anti-GPS views aside, I will admit the Garmin Edge does claim to have some spectacular features.

"The GPS-enabled cycle computer knows no limits. Get heart rate, cadence, turn-by-turn directions, power data — the works. Even share your data with other Edge 705 buddies after your ride. All wireless with a color display, this is no ordinary cycle computer."

If I could download some movies or music videos-that would keep me relaxed, heart rate down and make for a more enjoyable ride.

"Edge 705 comes with a built-in basemap, plus it has a microSD card slot for adding map detail and storing workouts, courses and saved rides. Just plug in detailed MapSource® City Navigator® street maps on a preloaded data card and get turn-by-turn directions on a sunlight-readable, color display as you pedal. Add optional topo mapping for your off-road adventures. "

  • Add it to the list of everything else I have to do for my enjoyable Saturday ride. Freeze water bottles the night before.
  • Check tire pressure.
  • Figure out which clothes to wear depending on the weather-arm warmers-tights-booties-gloves-head warmer-shorts-tank top-long sleeves.
  • And can the weather channel be added to this little miracle? I'd like to know if a storm's coming so I can turn around and backtrack my way back home).
  • Load up the helmut-sunglasses.
  • Pack up enough nutrition in case I get lost and the ride gets extended (!!!).
  • Charge and load my ipod.
  • Charge my phone.
  • And finally download some maps.

    Yes, ipod. If everyone else is going to be watching/playing their GPS unit and talking on their phone then I'm going to enjoy the peace and serenity my ipod brings me out in the middle of nowhere.

    "Edge snaps easily into the included bike mount to guide you to your destination."

    So much for my zero ounce bike. I've got all of Circuit City attached to it!

    "Edge 705 automatically measures your speed, distance, time, calories burned, altitude, climb and descent, and records this data for your review. For extra-precise climb and descent data, Edge also incorporates a barometric altimeter to pinpoint changes in elevation. It features a high-sensitivity receiver that holds a signal under trees and near tall buildings, and comes with a click stick for easy screen navigation. All versions of Edge 705 include a wireless heart rate monitor to measure your heart rate and track your heart rate zone.

    • Oh yea, I forgot to mention earlier I also need to put on my HR monitor strap and watch. Always TIMEX of course.

      "A speed/cadence sensor to monitor your pedaling cadence and wheel speed as you ride. You can even use it to train indoors because the sensor attaches to your rear wheel."

      Yes, a nice feature since we are training on a bike. Wait, someone's calling me--let me pull my ear phones out, grab my phone and decrease my cadence (and if you can manage all that without decreasing your cadence then join the circus).

      And, I always like to have a GPS when I'm spinning in my living room watching Howie Long on the Fox Pre-Game show Sunday morning. Cuz, I need to know how the Browns look this week.

      "With Edge 705 you can share your courses, workouts and saved rides wirelessly with other Edge 705 users."

      This could be a virtual match.com for cyclists.

      Hey, how'd you guys meet? Well, I downloaded my ride one Saturday night and I noticed it was the same route he rode the week before. Then about three weeks later I got a flat and this guy stopped to make sure I had everything. I said yes, although I have my bike computer (that I wish could call 911/bike flat help/AAA/Mars) I also have enough cartridges and spares (again which I forgot to add to my ready list above).

      I ride this way all the time. Oh. You wouldn't be cadencegal08 would you?

      And on and (ugh, mmmm).

      "You rode hard and now you want to store and analyze your workout. With a simple connection to your computer, you can join a worldwide network of cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts."

      Yep, I have to plug in my iPod back in, charge my phone back up, unload my bike and uniform, clean water bottles and finally download what I just did. Because what good is a ride unless you brag about it to cyberspace.

      Garmin makes great stuff. But you have to admit this is getting a bit out of hand. Get to know your own body on a bike. Feel your cadence, go out on an endless adventure to no man's land, and have a great ride.

      Maybe I'm just loaded up on too much Gatorade and nutrition bars………….

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