Target’s New Pineapple and Strawberry Succulents Will Add the Cutest Touch to Your Space

I'm in love.


Ready to sprinkle some summer-inspired décor in your home? Target’s Sun Squad has just added the most adorable succulents to its collection. They’re the perfect size to place on any desk or side table.

The artificial succulents come in four styles, so good luck picking a favorite. There are a pineapple and a strawberry, complete with the fruity details, as well as a white shark and panda. A panda isn’t exactly the first animal you think of for summertime décor, but this one has scuba gear detailing, which makes it even cuter. You could put any combination of these little guys together and they would look great.

All of the succulents are under 4 inches tall and cost just $5 each at Target. Not bad for adding a tropical flair to your space! Luckily, they’re available for delivery, so you can get them straight to your door. Since they’re artificial, you don’t even have to worry about keeping them alive either. Easiest plant parenting ever?

It doesn’t take many pieces or over-the-top items to give your home a seasonal upgrade. Adding a few of these artificial succulents (especially that pineapple one!) can make all the difference.

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