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8 Productivity Apps to Help You Get Your Life Together

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Between work, friends, romantic relationships, and keeping our homes and bodies in a livable condition, it can feel impossible to balance it all. As the new year approaches, do yourself a favor and make life easier by downloading these organization appswhich include beautiful to-do lists, budget trackers, and, yes, outfit plannersto fulfill your Type-A dreams and help jumpstart a more productive and less stressful 2019.

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1 Stylebook


Cher Horowitz would very much appreciate Stylebook, a virtual closet that helps you pick out your outfits in advance. Upload pictures of your tops, pants, shoes, and accessories to plan an ensemble for that important meeting with your boss or prep your packing list for a weekend getaway. It will help you better understand the cost-per-wear of your outfits, and you'll never forget about that cute shirt hidden at the bottom of the drawer again.

2 Pocket


Instead of keeping 50 tabs open and praying your computer doesn't crash, download Pocket, which allows you to save and access your favorite articles, videos, and stories in one place. The best part? You don't need wifi to open them, and your tech (read: laptop, phone, or tablet) will work its magic way faster. Download the Chrome extension on your computer, connect it to your account, and voila—that juicy story is there waiting for you. Might we suggest a few to get you started?

3 Mint


Get your finances in order with Mint. The money-saving app gives you monthly breakdowns of your spending habits, alerts you when your spending limit is looming, categorizes your budget by things like food and clothes (so you can see where your money really goes), and even calculates your credit score. Adulting, amirite?

4 Paprika


Paprika will organize all of your favorite recipes into categories and sub-categories. Create menus and plan meals directly on the app, then when it's time to go shopping, select one of the recipes and Paprika will add the ingredients directly to your grocery list. It’s the digitized way to meal prep and avoid eating cereal for dinner five times per week.

5 Wunderlist


With Wunderlist, you can set reminders for urgent tasks like “must remember to buy peanut butter” or “do laundry...now!” Create collaborative lists with roommates to set a cleaning schedule, work colleagues to prep for a presentation, or family to plan a big reunion. You can even assign to-do's for other Wunderlisters to stay as on top of their responsibilities as you are.

6 Gym Life


Gym Life will help you challenge yourself physically by logging and tracking all of your workouts. Use the app to create new routines, remember your favorites, or take advantage of the pre-designed circuits to help you burn fat, gain muscle, or train at home on the days you don't feel like leaving the house after a long work day.

7 Evernote
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Obsessive note takers will love Evernote. Store important reminders directly on the app using voice command or by typing them in the good ol' fashioned way. The app has the capability to scan handwritten notes (like those scrawled on post-its on your desk), and you can also add lists, photos, webpages, and audio you want need to keep track of directly on the app.

8 Trello


Trello will make group activities a little less agonizing by giving everybody a place to communicate and organize their tasks. Create multiple cards as little assignment reminders for your co-workers to prepare for a big presentation, your roommates to decide who does the dishes, or your friends to make sure you both aren't bringing brownies to the potluck. Plan ahead with weekly and monthly calendar views, and delete or archive the cards when you're done to start fresh.


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