Erica Pishdadian

It's an Outrage That Trump Invited President Duterte of the Philippines to the White House

He's an avowed murderer, so there's that.

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Everything Donald Trump Did During His First 100 Days in Office

A running list of the president's actions–and what they mean.

Why Everyone's Talking About Georgia's Special Election

It's an important day for Trump opponents.

President Donald Trump
Everything Trump Has Done a 180 on Since Becoming President

Syria, Russia, China, NATO...what's left?

The Trump White House Can't Even Throw the Easter Egg Roll Properly

The event will not be big-league.

3 Perfectly Decent Candidates for Sean Spicer's Job

You know, for when the inevitable happens.

Donald Trump
Twitter Is No Longer Suing Trump Because Trump Backed Down

A victory for free speech!

Trump's Sudden Syria Decision Is Turning Washington into Opposite Land

The people who loved him are criticizing him, and the people who criticized him are supporting him.

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Alleged Sexual Harasser Donald Trump Defends Alleged Sexual Harasser Bill O'Reilly

"I don't think Bill did anything wrong."

Jared Kushner
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Ivanka Trump Is Now the "Assistant to the President"

Because nepotism.

This Law Will Let Texas Doctors Lie to Women

And it prevents them from suing for it, too.

Here's Every World Leader That Donald Trump Has Insulted Since Taking Office

He's been a bit weird to some of our allies over the last couple months.

Here's How Many Government Programs Could Be Paid for with the Money Trump Spends Traveling to...

Since he's all about eliminating government waste.

What Neil Gorsuch's SCOTUS Confirmation Will Mean for Women

The SCOTUS nominee does *not* have a great record when it comes to women's issues.

Sales of Ivanka Trump Clothing Are Way Up

So, Kellyanne Conway's endorsement worked?

Ben Carson Called Slaves "Immigrants"

It did not go over well.

Here's *Exactly* What's Different About Trump's New Travel Ban

A head-to-head comparison of the new and the old.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Exposed for Communicating with Russian Officials During the Election

Worse, he—our country's chief law enforcement figure—may have lied about it under oath.

Jeff Sessions Deals a Blow to Black Lives Matter

The Attorney General just announced a giant reversal of DOJ policy.

Melania Hosted the Trumps' First Black Tie Ball at the White House Last Night, but Donald Stole the...

The First Lady's debut as social host was overshadowed by gaffes and political bluster.

hospital emergency room
This Is Real: Deportation Agents Detain a Woman About to Get Emergency Surgery people can't feel safe at the hospital?!