Beauty Advice You Need Right Now

10 Best (and Worst) Hair Trends of 2018

We gather here today to say our goodbyes. And hellos. We're feeling a lot right now.

Why “Effortless” Beauty Is a Bullshit Myth

I am not here for your "perfectly imperfect" anythings.

6 Hairstyles That Contour Round Faces
If, of course, you're into the whole lookin'-ridiculously-good thing…
The Japanese Eyelash Curler That's Pure Magic
Literally the only thing that has ever worked on my stick-straight l…
The Best Acne Face Wash for Your Skin Type

Because we are officially done with breakouts, okay?

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The 5 Absolute Best, Viral-for-a-Reason Makeup Products to Buy Right Now

Tested and approved by moi, your overly obsessed beauty friend.

​We Relate to These Spiked Brows on a Deeply Personal Level​

Because can everyone just back the hell off right now?

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9 Insanely Gorgeous Makeup Ideas for Your Next Holiday Party

And yes, they're all fully doable at home.

The 5 Seriously Good Fall Makeup Products You Need in Your Life

They're about to be the pumpkin spice latte of your makeup bag.

The 11 Craziest Nail Trends We've Seen This Year

Cue the mani that involves actual, living plants.

Chic or Clownish? Pom Pom Makeup Is Now a Thing

Things are starting to get really tactile.

7 Brazilian Secrets for the Longest, Thickest, and Softest Hair of Your Life

From chocolate masking to cutting your hair with the lunar cycle.