Madonna's Derm Spills Her Glow-y Skin Secrets

All the intel, straight from the source.

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Can Cutting Dairy *Really* Fix All of Your Skin Issues?

Yes, your cheese intake could be in jeopardy, here.

Did This Milan Fashion Show Have the Prettiest Beauty Look of Them All?

So good, we did a double-take while speed-scrolling.

The 5 Best Peel-Off Face Masks That Won't Destroy Your Face

Because raw, ripped-off skin is *so* last year.

You Need to See These Truly Crazy Dermarolling Before-and-After Pics

Hi, we would like this done to our face now, please.

Gluing Pearls to Your Face Is the Latest Weird Beauty Trend

We'd clutch our pearls but someone stole them and put them all over their lips.

60 Medium-Length Hairstyles to Steal from Celebrities

The Goldilocks of every cut and style, right this way.

The 11 Insanely Good Hair and Skin Products Actress Antonia Thomas Swears By

The star of 'The Good Doctor' breaks down her entire beauty routine for us.

7 Truly Excellent Beauty Gifts You'll Most Likely Just Buy for Yourself

Sorry, mom—your gift got, uh, lost in the mail.

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Behold: How to DIY Ridiculously Cool Ombré Nails at Home

And it's weirdly really easy.

Surprise: Your IUD Might Give You the Worst Skin of Your Life

But here's why you should still get one.

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I Know You Love Getting Extractions, but Are They *Actually* Good for Your Skin?

Since we both know you almost always break out afterwards, anyways.

Your Ultimate Guide to Selena Gomez's Best-Ever Hair Moments

1,000 points for house Gomez!

Are Face Plumpers the Secret to Staying Young?

A taut, sculpted face used to be the beauty ideal for women of a certain age, but not anymore.

The "Ivanka Trump Makeover" Is Now a Plastic Surgery Trend

People are paying $50,000 to look like her.

You Need to See What Happened When This Woman Put Honey on Her Face

Okay, these before-and-after pics are *insane.*

Help Me, I'm Pore: How to Unclog and Shrink Pores for Good

It's worth the commitment. Trust.

French Manicures Are Officially Trending Again, but with a Modern Twist

These ain't your mother's white-tipped nails.

The Latest Jaw-Dropping Celebrity Hair Transformations

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

The 5 Best Drugstore Face Serums for Lazy People Who Still Want Perfect Skin

It's basically an Instagram filter in a bottle.

7 Truly Gorgeous Holiday Hairstyles You Can Actually Do on Yourself

Because we know you're going to put this off until last minute, anyway.

6 Reasons You Should Be Using Argan Oil on Your Face

Let us count the ways we love thee.

This Is the Most Flattering Brow Shape, According to Beyoncé's Makeup Artist

Okay, brows, now lets get in formation.

Wet-Look Hair Was Officially the Biggest Beauty Trend of the 2017 Emmys

BRB—trying it ourselves right now.

The 5 Best Heat-Protectant Sprays for This Season's Straight-Hair Trend

Yes, you actually need one of these in your life.