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Badly shaped eyebrows could result in your face looking sad, old or tired. We spoke with brow expert, Eliza Petrescu (aka "Queen of the Arch") at Exhale Spa to find out the secrets to beautiful brows.

The best way to get your brows to look like the work of a pro is to actually go to a pro. If your brows are sparse, let them grow in a little first. Then have them professionally shaped at a local salon.

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If you absolutely can't get to a pro, then carefully shape the brows yourself using these tips.

First, brush eyebrows upward and trim any stray hairs with an eyebrow scissor.

Next, work on the shape and arch of your brow. Remember that the space between your eyebrows should be equal to the width of your eye, and the inner edge of the brow should start above the nostril. To help illustrate, hold a brow pencil to the side of your nose straight up to the brow. To measure how long the brow should be, hold the pencil diagonally from the nostril and extend it to the end of your eye; that will show you where the brow should end.

Next, determine where the highest part of the arch should rise by holding the pencil connecting the nostril to the outside edge of the iris.

Remember: Natural is always better. Do not overtweeze! Once the basic shape is there, it is easy to maintain. Use slant-edged tweezers (we love Tweezerman) to pluck stray hairs as they grow in.

Finish your brow look using a brow pencil or powder only if your brows need any spaces filled in. (Use a shade close to or slightly darker than your hair color) Brush your brows up for a fuller brow or sideways for a thinner brow.

Lastly, keep brows tame using a clear or tinted brow gel.

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