Red-Carpet Ready 101: Pro Tips

Want to hit up your next big event like an A-list celeb? We consulted top fashion and beauty experts to find out how you can take a paparazzi-approved pic, avoid wardrobe malfunction, and rock any red carpet.


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    Go for Some Killer Heels

    "Always wear a heel when venturing to a party," Rassi advises, noting Gwyneth Paltrow's penchant for wearing sky-high seven-inchers. "The higher the better." Platforms are the easiest in this set to walk in, but Bloch says to test them out in advance — "wear them around the house for a couple hours" — to make sure you can stand and walk in them without toppling over. Also, make sure the shoes are padded so they are a bit more comfortable. "If they really hurt, drop an Advil," Rassi says. "How do you think we get through Fashion Week?!"
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