Hollywood's Best Wedding Fitness Tips

Get fit for your big day with expert advice that keeps Hollywood's leading ladies looking so svelte. It doesn't take a million dollars to look this good, though unfortunately it will take some hard work.

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    Boot Camp

    Trainer David Kirsch works with stars like Heidi Klum, Liv Tyler, Jimmy Fallon and Kerry Washington and his sessions are incredibly brutal. (Trust us, we've tried one.) But they also come with great payoff. He tells us you should definitely think about the shape of your dress when planning your workouts and focus on either the upper or lower body accordingly. "For an upper body focus, I suggest moves like shadow-boxing and push-ups," advises David. "For lower body, I suggest doing sumo lnges and plie toe squats." You can find even more tips in his Abs & Arms and Butt books.
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