Hollywood's Best Wedding Fitness Tips

Get fit for your big day with expert advice that keeps Hollywood's leading ladies looking so svelte. It doesn't take a million dollars to look this good, though unfortunately it will take some hard work.

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    A Marathon, Not a Sprint

    That's Hollywood trainer Harley Pasternak's theory. (He trains celebrity's like Hillary Duff and Katy Perry.) "It's not just about that day," he says. "But looking good after too. Ask yourself if this is something you could keep up every day for the rest of your life." Getting ready for a wedding is often like getting a star ready for a movie project. If it's urgent you may want to up your cardio workouts to twice a day and not give yourself a free day off to do whatever you wish, which he considers vitally important to maintaining a sustainable workout schedule long-term.
    David Aguilera/FilmMagic
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