Hollywood's Best Wedding Fitness Tips

Get fit for your big day with expert advice that keeps Hollywood's leading ladies looking so svelte. It doesn't take a million dollars to look this good, though unfortunately it will take some hard work.

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    Eat, Sleep and Be Happy

    Harley — who is partnering with Centrum to offer a chance to win a trip to Los Angeles for a free personal training session (text CENTRUM to 89800 to find out more) — also recommends that you not forget the importance of sleep, especially during a stressful and extremely busy time. Drink cold fluids throughout the day because he says studies have show that they increase the rate at which you burn calories. And during times of stress, a great insurance policy is taking a multi-vitamin every day. "People get way too caught up in cleanses, what powder to take or sit with a counter of 30 supplements." We think we'll opt for the simpler option.
    Dale Wilcox/WireImage
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