Karl's Angels: Bella Heathcote & Hailee Steinfeld

Karl Lagerfeld chose two of his favorite Hollywood starlets, Bella Heathcote of the upcoming film The Curse of Downers Grove and Hailee Steinfeld of Ender's Game, to slip into looks from Chanel's jaunty cruise collection.


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    All Hail Hailee

    Name: Hailee Steinfeld

    Age: 16

    Hometown: Los Angeles

    How you know her: At 14 years old, she was Oscar nominated for her role as Mattie Ross in Joel and Ethan Coen's True Grit (2010), and she portrays Juliet in Carlo Carlei's Romeo & Juliet, in theaters now.

    Upcoming projects: She will play outcast Petra Arkanian (one of the few girls at the Battle School military academy) in Gavin Hood's sci-fi Ender's Game, out November 1.

    First Chanel piece: "I wore a pair of black patent leather, steel-toe boots to a Chanel dinner in L.A. last October, and I actually got to keep them. They are a prized possession."

    On Coco Chanel's apartment: "I visited her apartment a few months ago when I was filming Three Days to Kill [out February 14] in Paris. She had two of everything, and it was all so perfectly placed. I came home and redid my room with memories of that in my mind."

    On prepping for Ender's Game: "We went to a military boot camp and a space camp in Alabama. It was the most physical training I have ever done to prepare for a role. We would have competitions between me and the guys."

    Sweater, price upon request, swimsuit, $900, Chanel.

    Bob Marion
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