Girls on Tour: Artists Share Their Festival Season Must-Haves

It's festival season, which means some of our favorite ladies in music are about to hit the road for a summer filled with back-to-back shows. Here, some of the top female artists on the scene share their tour essentials.


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    Kim Schifino of Matt and Kim

    Where you can catch them this summer: Ultra Music Festival, Firefly Music Festival, Lollapalooza

    Key track: "It’s Alright"

    What they wouldn’t leave home without:

    1. Up Band. I purchased an Up Band at the beginning of tour and within a day, four of our crew guys also got one. We are now having a competition to see who can be more active on tour. It is great because it also measures your sleep and you can program in what you eat in a day. The winner at the end of the tour is going to be treated to the nicest sushi dinner. I am very competitive and will definitely win that dinner and eat my weight in sushi. Then I will program it into my Up Band. HA!

    2. Clarisonic Mia. I wear a bit of makeup on stage and sweat a ton, so the Clarisonic Mia is a must for tour. It is the only thing that really makes me feel like I got everything off of my face.

    3. Sachajuan volume powder. I use this right before I go on stage to get the extra lift I need — usually around stage time my hair is already getting limp. Hair never does what you want it to, but this volume powder makes my hair its bitch! 

    4. MAC fast response eye cream. My makeup artist Keri B. introduced me to this and it is a dream! It removes any stubborn make up smudges instantly.

    5. Purell. I have a bottle of this stuff in every single bag. One of the main goals is to make it through a whole tour without getting sick. This rarely happens. I will say we've made it through the first part of this tour without getting sick. I did notice a few of the crew guys sniffling a lot — they better not get me sick!

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