MC Cheatsheet: Rachel Zoe Meets Her Match & Coco's in Times Square!

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Jessica: "As a huge fan of The Rachel Zoe Project (back August 3rd!), I die." []

Katie: "The greatest thing to hit Times Square since the gigantic steaming Cup of Noodles: Coco Rocha." [Oh So Coco]

Erin: "People are calling Frances Bean Cobain's sold-out art show 'disturbed.' Her mom must be so proud." [NY Daily News]

Anna: "Personally, I'm a stick-with-what-works girl, hair-wise (I still regret the one time I chopped it all off), but evidently the average woman changes hairstyles 104 times in a lifetime. That's a lot of hours spent under a smock." [Daily Mail]

Sophia: "We all know French women stay skinny forever. Now they apparently don't age, either?" [NY Times]

Jihan: "Who really wants to sit around and talk about their dreams? Let's call it like it is, people; you're either looking for group therapy or a new way to meet your man." [Lemondrop]

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