MC Cheatsheet: Mad Men, True Blood to Duke It Out Sunday Night

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Lauren: "My huge Sunday night conundrum. What to watch live, the season premiere of Mad Men, or the latest ep of the awesome third season of True Blood? Erik Northman or Don Draper — what's a girl to do?" [Gawker]

Kate: "What do Cullen, Jet, and anything with the letter 'X' have in common? All are really annoying new baby names." [Lemondrop]

Katie: "Robert Pattinson inspires a new line of man-ties. Sultry, soul-piercing glances sold separately." [Racked]

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Jihan: "Pretty shocking: If you happen to be at a party where Girls Gone Wild is filming and make it into their footage — even without your written consent — they still have fair game to use you in their videos. Yuck." [Jezebel]

Sophia: "Here's a reality show I'd never watch: Kate Gosselin and Sarah Palin going camping. Together." [The Frisky]

Anna: "Of all the ways for a black father to react to his black wife giving birth to a white, blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby, I think 'What the flip?' is probably the best." [New York Post]

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