MC Cheatsheet: Kanye West Reignites Taylor Swift Feud with Apology?

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Sophia: "Kanye West wrote Taylor Swift a song? Seriously, he needs to get over that snub — everyone else has." [The Frisky]

Anna: "There's something to be said for brilliantly simple design, even if it is just a trash can. But I'm still a little embarrassed by how obsessed I am with this Urbano wastebasket." [The Cut]

Koryn: "The stars of The Romantics prove that eating a cupcake (while wearing J. Crew) doesn't have to be a messy, crumb-filled binge session after all." [StyleList]

Kate: "Buh-bye, Craigslist 'Adult Services' section. Gone are the days of honest-to-goodness consensual sex-for-pay." [Valleywag]

Erin: "Facebook defriending is suddenly the etiquette dilemma of the 21st century. Emily Post, what would you do?" [Lemondrop]

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