Cosmic Rave Princess Rihanna Has Gray Hair Now

Sure, it's a wig. But it's a FABULOUS wig.

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You might have thought Rihanna reached peak hair dye when she debuted her cotton candy pink bob, right? Or maybe it was that one time she had neon green hair for her MAC Viva Glam campaign. That was cute too; either way, though, you're wrong. Because when Rihanna (or her hairstylist) plays with a rainbow hair palette, it turns out the best results are when she goes gray. Case in point, this strange and beautiful new photoshoot for the cover of Tush, an artsy German fashion magazine:

Clearly proud of the literal manic pixie dream girl styling, Rihanna spent most of yesterdaytweeting photos from the shoot — and they are beautiful. She's be the coolest kid at the disco, circa a party-hard starship floating somewhere in the cosmos six hundred years in the future (fun fact, Rihanna's music is still on the playlist, because "We Found Love" is timeless). To throw a bunch of fashion buzzwords in the mix, think "cyber-tribalism," think "edgy fierce," think "glamazon Victoria's Secret Angel assassin." Ostrich feathers are always good, after all:

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And just because it's beautiful, one more photo. Seriously, is there a look RiRi can't pull off?

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Photos via Tush Magazine

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