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Ever since avant R&B songstress Banks enchanted us with her intoxicating track, "Brain," we've been waiting with bated breath for her debut album, Goddess, to drop. In the meantime, she's blessed our ears with a new single off her forthcoming LP, and it's as stunning as it is vengeful.

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Entitled, "Drowning," the track reminds us that break-ups are oft a hard pill to swallow — even if your ex didn't deserve you anyway. With equal parts scorn and anguish, she sings: "From the girl who made you soup and tied your shoes when you were hurting/You were not deserving." Full disclosure: As much as you empathize with her heartbreak, you can't help but move to the track's come-hither baseline.

Listen, below, and look out for Goddess, hitting shelves 9/8 in the UK and 9/9 in the US.

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