Here, Start Your Week with Some Pictures of Prince Harry and Prince William Twinning While Playing Polo

They should really wear matching outfits all the time.

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Prince William and Prince Harry played a casual polo match together over the weekend, and never has a pair of brothers been more full of joy while wearing matching outfits. Like, they are truly the embodiment of carefree happiness. The world is their oyster! But let's discuss their wardrobe.....

White leggings paired with bright yellow shirts. We believe this outfit is called a "polo uniform."

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The pair seemed to have a fabulous time frolicking around on their horses, and at one point, Prince Harry opened his mouth and screamed with what we can only assume was pure, unbridled joy.

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And then he was like "YAYYYYYYY!"

Except this story maybe has a horrible ending because Harry and William left the field weeping?

WHAT IS HAPPENING? Actually, turns out nothing is happening because Harry got an MVP trophy and made this face, so phew:

Petition to make William and Harry play in more polo matches together, thanks.

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