5 Erotic Novels You Should Read Now That You're Over 'Fifty Shades'

Make room, E.L. James.

The day of reckoning has finally arrived: Fifty Shades of Grey is in theaters—and IMAX for 72 lucky venues (BDSM on the big screen, y'all). But what about what's next? These just-as-satisfying books will be your new guilty pleasures. Make room, E.L. James.
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Bared to You (Four-Book Series)
Bestselling author Sylvia Day's series takes you through a complicated web of twenty-something Eva Tramell and billionaire Gideon Cross' love lives. It begins as an "office" romance—they work in the same building—and develops into an emotional roller coaster as both characters deal with past sexual abuse and secrets they've buried. Amazon.com
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Melody Anne
Surrender (Four-Book Series)
Another four-part series, Melody Anne's story pits two opposite personalities against each other. Raffaello Palazzo is looking for a no-strings-attached sex buddy after his wife leaves him without an explanation; in comes Arianna Lynn Harlow to melt his icy heart. Classic tale of good girl meets bad-boy-turned-decent-guy. Amazon.com
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Barnes & Noble
One Night: Promised (Trilogy)
First off, the characters' names are simply Lily and M (so mysterious, no?). M goes to Lily's job—a coffee shop, of course—and leaves a note on a napkin for her saying he wants one night of emotionless passion. Everything in her should be screaming, "Throw out the napkin!" but she's intrigued by him. You won't know by what until you read it for yourself. Amazon.com
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Blindfolded Innocence (Trilogy)
Brad De Luca (what a name) is a privileged lawyer who's used to getting his way. Julia Campbell's engagement just ended, and she's loving her independent life...until she meets—dun, dun, dun—Brad. It's a well-strung tale of knowing what you want and following your heart. Cheesy, yes, but very gripping. Amazon.com
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Barnes & Noble
Fixed on You (Trilogy)
If the cover isn't salacious enough for you, Alayna Withers is recovering from a "love disorder" that involved stalking charges (victim or predator?). She's finally getting her life together until her new boss turns out to be a dashing man who could cause Alayna to revert back to her old habits (so probably the predator). Next book club read? Amazon.com
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